How Does the EU Work with African Countries on Migration?

A Conversation with Matthieu Tardis

Recorded in October 2018

Global Futures is a podcast about global politics and how rising powers like China and India are transforming it. We discuss foreign policy, economics, war and peace, and how the world is changing with experts from across the world.

In this episode, Joel Sandhu from the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) sits down with Matthieu Tardis to discuss his recent study,European Union Partnerships with African countries on Migration: Common Issues and Conflicting Interests.

Since 2015 and what some would call the refugee crisis, dialogue between the European Union and African countries on migration issues has assumed a new intensity. In this discussion, Matthieu shares some of the key takeaways of his study, and surprising insights into the interests that lie at the heart the migration issue in the EU and African countries.

Matthieu is a research fellow with the center for migration and citizenship France’s leading think tank, the Institut Français des Relations Internationales (Ifri).

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