How Will India Shape Regional and Global Issues in the Coming Years?

A Conversation with Tanvi Madan

Recorded in May 2018

Global Futures is a podcast about global politics and how rising powers like China and India are changing it. We discuss foreign policy, economics, war and peace, and how the world is changing with experts from across the world.

India is the world’s largest democracy, its second-most populous country, one of its fastest-growing economies, and a nuclear power. Is the country ready to play a bigger role in global politics in pursuit of its national interests and in the face of the emerging global challenges? What about India’s relations with the United States and China? What are New Delhi’s objectives and priorities?

In this episode of the Global Futures podcast, Joel Sandhu discusses these questions with Tanvi Madan, director of the India Project and a fellow in the Project on International Order and Strategy in the Foreign Policy program at the Brookings Institution.

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