Global Governance Futures 2030

Over the course of 2018-2019, during four dialogue sessions in five countries, the 27 GGF fellows looked ahead to the year 2030 to consider the futures of global order, global migration and refugee challenge, and of the role of cities in global governance. Read their final reports here.

The next round of the Global Governance Futures program will take place in 2020-2021. The topics will be announced and the call for applications will open in Fall 2019.

Learn more about previous rounds of the program here.

Explore the GGF 2030 Reports

Make or Break: How Will Cities Shape Future Global Challenges?

by the GGF 2030 Role of Cities in Global Governance Working Group

Re-Imagining Forced Migration Governance for 2030

by the GGF 2030 Global Migration and Refugee Challenge Working Group

The New (Dis)Orders: Envisioning the Complex Futures of Geopolitics

by the GGF 2030 Futures of Global Order Working Group