Multilateral Dialogues in a Changing World

Recorded between March 2020 and October 2021

Global Futures is a podcast about global politics and how rising powers like China and India are changing it. We discuss foreign policy, economics, war and peace, and how the world is changing with experts from across the world.

In the final episode of the Global Futures podcast, we look back at 10 years of the Global Governance Futures (GGF) program and talk with some of our alumni about their experiences and insights gained through the multilateral dialogues forum. We asked: What were their highest hopes for the program when they started? What had attracted them to GGF and what had they wanted to get out of the dialogues? During the program, what did they find worked well? What did not? Why do they think multilateral forums are important for young policy professionals and change makers? And how has the GGF journey impacted their personal and professional lives?


  • Max Bouchet, Project Manager and Senior Policy Analyst, Brookings
  • Tessa Dooms, Director of Jasoro Consulting
  • Nurma Fitrianingrum, Good Governance Project Officer at Tifa Foundation
  • Felipe Oriá, Co-founder of Movimento Acredito
  • Helidah ‘Didi’ Ogude, Social Development Specialist, The World Bank Group
  • Natalie Schnelle, Senior Strategic Consultant at SAP
  • Liz Schuelke, German Chancellor Fellow

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